Step 1 

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1.1. Make sure you select the right size

1.2. If the item has a gemstone select your desired stone.

1.3. Make sure you are on the right units, with rings we use European size and USA size, with chains, watches, bracelets etc EU is in CM and US is in Inches.

1.4. Pressing the question mark open our ring size charts. 

1.5. Once you have finished customizing your item add it to your cart or press "quick buy" to get to checkout immediately and pay for the item.

Step 2

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Once you have finished shopping and ready to place the order press the "cart" button in the top right side of your screen.

2.1 Make sure everything you ordered is correct, Size, Gemstone type. quantities etc

2.2 Once you made sure everything is alright press the "Checkout button to proceed.

Step 3

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3.1 Make sure your address is correct

3.2 Select your shipping method, we offer free tracked shipping for any order, however you can select courier to deliver it to your door at an additional cost.

Please note VAT is only for orders shipped inside Israel if you get VAT on your order and you live outside of Israel please contact us.

Step 4 

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4.1 Please select your desired payment option.

4.2 If you have a coupon apply it before completing the purchase. 

4.3 double check your address and make sure everything is right.

4.4 Once everything checkout press the "Complete Purchase" and you will be directed to the platform that you chose.