Picking the right ring size.

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Why rings that you order arrive small or not suitable and how to correctly measure and order the CORRECT RING SIZE. 

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Our "orthopedic" bulge

See the reverse contour of the shank?

The reverse bend does not rest on the edges and does not cut into the finger, which has a comfortable effect and the ring doesn't feel small, even if it is relatively wide.  If the shank does not have such a bend as ours do and the ring is wide (over 7-8 mm / 0.27-0.31 inches in width at the bottom), then you will need to order a quarter size over your regulars size. But we know this and offer it to our clients . That is, if a client orders a wide ring, then we automatically ask if the client measured his finger and with which finger.

It's important which ring size gauge you use!

There are are wide and narrow ring gauges, when you measure your finger with a ring size gauge you should select the one with the closest width to the shank of the ring, depending on which finger you plan to wear the ring on you need to be able to remove the gauge easily as wider shank rings might get stuck on your ring. unless they have our "orthopedic" bulge. If you will use a narrow ring size gauge to get a size for your next ring and happen to get get a wide shank ring without our "orthopedic" bulge you will have difficult time removing the ring as the shank gets wider it covers more of your finger, a narrow ring gauge will account for a small portion of your finger and will sit snugly, however if you opt to get a wide ring and use a narrow shank the ring will require greater force to remove as more of the ring covers your finger. Same thing with wide ring gauges, if you measure your finger with a wide gauge and get a small stacking ring the ring will sit a bit loose as you the bigger ring gauge accounts for more of your finger and you measured in a size you will have an easy time removing, however that over compensation will hurt your narrow rings as they will sit too loose because of the over compensation.  So try to use ring size gauges with the same size as your desired ring shank and avoid getting a snug \ loose ring, not many designers offer the "orthopedic" bulge so be mindful of that.


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Get your own ring gauge for cheap!

A simple wide ring gauge can be ordered from different sites for couple of dollars and save you the hassle of shipping your ring or visiting your local jeweler for a resize. Usually local jewelers don't charge anything for getting your ring measurements however you never know, also it's good to keep a gauge in the house in case you wish to buy jewelry online and don't have to visit your local jeweler. 


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Thank you for reading this short article and we at Simenda Jewellery hope that this guide helped you in your future jewelry shopping spree. If you have friends or family members that too wear rings send them this guide to help them get their next piece in the right size!

  Have a great day and we will see you in our next Guide!  

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